All couples getting married in Ireland must give, a minimum, of three months notice of their intention to marry to the Registrar’s Office. Please click here for all relevant information

As a HSE Registered Solemniser, I can legally marry couples of all faiths and none. I am an ordained Interfaith Minister and it is my privilege to craft ceremonies for those of all genders, and orientations, through creating an atmosphere that is inclusive, warm, relaxed and dignified, with a sense of occasion.

Right from the beginning of our initial meeting, the wording of your very own, personalised ceremony, will evolve beautifully, as we create your ceremony together. Weddings are such joyous occasions, and your wedding ceremony will be all that your heart desires. It will be the ceremony of your dreams. Should you wish, your ceremony may include music, readings, poems, wording of vows, and ceremony enhancements of your own choosing.

I will craft an original and beautiful ceremony for you. Your bespoke ceremony will capture and portray a true reflection of your uniqueness as a couple, and will reflect, in a deeply meaningful way, how you both, as two individuals, have chosen to spend the rest of your lives together. Your unique ceremony will symbolise, in a beautiful way, your love for each other.

I want to create a wedding ceremony for you that will be so special, that your memories of it will last a lifetime.



As a funeral celebrant, not only will I officiate on the day of the service, but I will guide the family through the preparation stage, and craft a service that honours and reflects the life of the departed. The content of the funeral, or memorial service, will be relevant, meaningful and specifically chosen, by the significant people, who are grieving the loss of their loved one.

The funeral, or memorial service, can take place in the crematorium, family home, graveside, or a place of special significance to the family.

If required, I can also craft a ceremony to acknowledge the deceased’s months mind or anniversary.


Other Ceremonies

Vow Renewal

To celebrate your expression of love for each other, I will craft a personalised, and unique, vow renewal ceremony for you. This reaffirmation of your marriage vows, will be a ceremony that will reflect, in a deeply meaningful way, the love and commitment you have had for each other throughout your life’s journey. It will be a ceremony that is a remembrance of times past, and a renewal of hopes for the future.

Naming Ceremony

The acknowledgement of a new life in our midst, is such an important and special occasion to celebrate. To welcome your child into the family and community, I will craft a unique and personalised naming ceremony that revolves around your precious baby. In the writing of the ceremony, if you choose, I will include parents, godparents, grandparents and the friends who will play a significant role in your child’s life.

The naming ceremony can be celebrated in your home, a hotel, or a place of special significance to you.

Pre-arranging Funerals/Memorial Service

By planning your funeral, or memorial service, in advance, you can specify the exact type of service, you would like to be held in your memory. Every element of the service can be personalised, to reflect your preferences, and wishes.

There are many personal elements, of your funeral, or memorial service, that I will assist you in planning. By informing your family as to how you would like your funeral, or memorial service, to be celebrated, there will be fewer decisions for them to make, and it will enable, and support them, to carry out your wishes, at such an acutely emotional and sad time.